Advancing China-Vietnam friendship through language

By Kou Jie, Peng Yukai, Zhang Rong, Wu Chaolan (People's Daily Online) 13:00, December 12, 2023

China and Vietnam are close neighbors connected by mountains and rivers. Over the past 73 years, since the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries, their bilateral ties have been consistently deepened and strengthened, heralding a new era of development.

In recent years, China and Vietnam have witnessed frequent high-level visits, consolidated political mutual trust and strengthened cultural cooperation.

Through various forms of exchange, including enhanced student, media and journalist exchanges, concerts, publication of journals, and folk cultural and tourism activities, the two countries have not only strengthened cultural communication but also fostered mutual understanding and friendship between their peoples.

A group of reporters from People's Daily Online recently visited Beijing Foreign Studies University, providing authentic narratives and vibrant depictions of the cultural interactions between China and Vietnam.

(Web editor: Peng Yukai, 刘慧)


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