Italian companies see CIIE platform to share China's growth opportunities

(Xinhua) 14:02, November 10, 2023

ROME, Nov. 10 (Xinhua) -- The sixth China International Import Expo (CIIE) provides an important platform for Italian companies to access the expanding Chinese market, said Italian entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The expo, taking place from Nov. 5 to Nov. 10 in Shanghai, has attracted attendees from 154 countries, regions, and international organizations, including the least developed, developing, and developed nations.

Rhea Vendors Group, an Italy-based world-leading producer of customized vending machines, participates in the CIIE for the third time and plans to present a range of coffee machines to showcase innovative solutions.

Rhea Vendors Group's marketing director Claudio Valdetara said that the expo presents an invaluable opportunity for corporations, finance and banking entities, and industries looking for partners to expand their reach.

"At the CIIE we aspire to be recognized as ambassadors of Italian coffee and lifestyle in the Chinese market," he said.

Rhea was founded in 1960 and presents its products in around 90 countries and regions. The company aims to leverage China's manufacturing prowess alongside its own brand strengths to deliver the finest cups of coffee and beverages to local consumers.

The Milan-based Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Italy (CCCIT) is an official exhibition organizer for the CIIE and leads 7 Italian companies to participate in the exhibition this year.

Fan Xianwei, CCCIT secretary-general, said that during the exhibition organizing stage, he received positive feedback from many Italian companies who hoped to display products at the CIIE.

"I believe that the CIIE is a very good channel for Italian products to enter the Chinese market and that the road will become wider in the future, and more companies will go to China," said Fan.

Fan said that for businesses around the world, the CIIE is a platform not only to display products and services but also to communicate and build partnerships. It reflects China's commitment to providing a more open and friendly business environment, thereby promoting win-win cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises.

Italy's Ca'Botta Company is a wine producer, located in northern Italy's Verona, a second-time CIIE participant.

"Last time was a success. We got a lot of presentations and met various distributors and clients. We found people with a keen interest in our wines, and it marked a successful start for our business," recalled the company's owner Pamfilov Stanislav.

Stanislav emphasized the significance of the expo's complete return to in-person exhibitions. "It is very important for us that the CIIE is coming back offline because wine is a traditional good, not virtual. People need to see the bottle, open it, and taste it," he explained.

Stanislav said that he holds high expectations for the CIIE as it is a prominent exhibition in China and around the world, and that the company plans to double its sales in China in the next 3 years.

Stanislav identified the Chinese market as one extensive and rapidly evolving. "People here are actively seeking genuinely high-quality wines," he noted. With the expanding middle-income group, China provides "a substantial consumer base for indulging in premium Italian wines."

"This marks our second presence at the CIIE, and we're thrilled, especially as we have significant projects underway," said Alessandro Benatti, a consultant with Italy's Milan Huaxia (Group) Company, adding that one project involves directly selling through social networks in China, which is garnering considerable interest from various farms in Italy.

The group's business with China primarily focuses on export activities and engages in consulting for Italian economic entities looking to enter the Chinese market, providing guidance for investments.

"I must say that our experience with the CIIE thus far has been exceedingly positive. The impact has been notably favorable. We've achieved promising outcomes in terms of building relationships with buyers and positioning our products in the Chinese market. We're continuously working to elevate our achievements in this regard," said Benatti.

Benatti thinks that China has played a pivotal role in facilitating positive market evolution and fostering win-win relationships with economies worldwide. "My outlook is optimistic. There are numerous very beneficial situations, and there's plenty of potential for even more positive developments in the future," he said.

Benatti believes the Chinese market for Made-in-Italy products holds great promise. "It's essential that we collaborate -- Italy and China -- to define the best strategies and create the necessary conditions for Italian producers to enter China. With diligent effort, the future looks exceptionally bright for trade with China," he said.

(Web editor: Zhang Kaiwei, Zhong Wenxing)


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