Jining High-Tech Zone: Boosting integrated development of cultural industries and bringing traditional culture to life

By Wu Cong (People's Daily Online) 10:01, October 18, 2023

With its magnificent architecture, flowing streams, ancient bridges, and historical streets, Jining in east China’s Shandong Province is a charming tapestry of urban landscapes. Seen through the lens of a camera, it’s as if one has been transported back hundreds of years, thanks to the innovative use of virtual reality technology in the animated series "Picturesque Jining" produced by the Doushen Animation Studio in Jining High-Tech Zone. This innovation breathes life into the historical landmarks along the grand canal in Jining.

"Picturesque Jining" combines the traditional Chinese landscape painting style with digital visual processing techniques, seamlessly integrating the aesthetics of traditional Chinese colors. It offers viewers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of Chinese tradition. At the same time, it employs 3D modeling, scene construction, and dynamic simulation to recreate scenes along the grand canal, depicting the bustling life of the past and the rich customs and traditions of society. Through the innovative fusion of “technology + culture” and “fantasy + freehand”, viewers can feel the cultural atmosphere of Jining as if they were right there.

As one of the cultural enterprises in Jining High-Tech Zone, Doushen Animation Studio has repeatedly stood out in the world of animation and cultural production. In September of this year, their creation "Getting Close to Confucius" was included in the China Good Gifts Industry Promotion Plan’s annual recommended product list for 2023-2024. "Getting Close to Confucius" is a three-dimensional book that condenses the philosopher’s millennia-old heritage and the Confucius Temple in Qufu into six main thematic scenes, 21 main buildings, and 11 interactive elements. It brings the grandeur of Confucian culture, historical artifacts, and ancient trees of the temple to life onto paper. Realistic scenes, vivid colors, and interactive elements allow readers to appreciate the architectural beauty of the Confucius Temple without leaving home - it’s a “paper cultural heritage” that can be taken home.

In Jining High-Tech Zone, an increasing number of creative animation companies are harnessing the resources of the best of traditional culture. They are gradually transforming cultural “soft power” into developmental “hard support.” The Meihou Group, another high-tech zone cultural enterprise, has developed multiple animated works like "Confucius Returns", "Mencius Teaches", and "Analects Stories" to promote Confucian culture. To break through traditional cultural boundaries, the Meihou Group has ventured into digital publishing through the use of modern internet technology. They combine Chinese characters, Chinese pinyin and English for a comprehensive learning experience, where readers can use their smartphones to access books, animations, and language learning.

As the internet and the era continue to evolve, diversification and integration have become the major trends in the development of cultural industries. Jining High-Tech Zone leverages the rapid growth of internet culture and nurtures an innovative atmosphere on its cultural soil. It continuously fosters an environment for cultural innovation, ensuring that outstanding traditional Chinese culture truly comes to life. 

(Web editor: Hongyu, Liang Jun)


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