Cuban student finds balance in traditional Chinese martial art

(People's Daily App) 16:05, April 26, 2023

Baduanjin, or "eight-section brocade," is a Chinese martial art and meditative practice. It refers to eight sets of movements performed repetitively and nonstop, reminiscent of intricate brocade weaving. It is a type of traditional Chinese exercise similar to tai chi and contains a standing and seated set of eight series of movements.

Featuring slow movement and low intensity, bajuanjin is suitable for all ages.

Living in China's Shanghai as an international student from Cuba, Ingrid Oliva Dieguez shows her tremendous passion for Chinese exercises, and baduanjin in particular.

Ingrid came to Shanghai last December to learn Chinese and will be going to Shanghai University of Sports in September to learn Chinese martial arts.

Ingrid said after the outbreak of the pandemic many people in Cuba started to practice baduanjin to help them maintain their physical and mental health.

She said her life changed a lot after practicing martial arts. From her perspective, this traditional Chinese practice is not just a sport for competition, but a friend throughout your whole life.

(Compiled by Chen Xu)

(Web editor: Zhang Kaiwei, Liang Jun)


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