Keeping traditional NW China’s Gansu embroidery alive

(People's Daily Online) 16:15, February 24, 2023

Xu Jing, an inheritor of Ganzhou embroidery in northwest China’s Gansu Province, encourages more people to practice the traditional handicraft through live streaming classes.

Born in a tailor’s family, she began to learn how to embroider as a child. “I sewed all my toys, and the adults often praised my skills,” recalled Xu.

She has sharpened her skills since, and started to add some representative elements of Gansu, such as camels in the desert and flying apsaras in her works. She has also introduced tie-dying into her embroidery. “I created a series of works that consists of nine flying apsaras of the Dunhuang Grottoes, using the techniques of embroidery, tie-dying, and hand paintings, which won positive feedback,” said Xu.

Photo shows the embroidery works of Xu. (Photo/Intangible Cultural Preservation Center of Gansu Province)

To encourage more women to express their thoughts on beauty through embroidery, she offered live streaming classes to promote knowledge of the art form and guidance to learners.

“When Ms. Xu stitches, she reminds me of my grandmother,” says one of the attendees of her online classes. Xu interacts with them via messages during live streaming sessions, and patiently teaches them how to stitch, especially when it comes to the challenging parts.

Xu has explored new ways to pass down the intangible cultural heritage. She recently created a variety of products, including breast pins, pendants, and sachets, with the rabbit as the theme. The products have been well received.

Xu has turned her passion for embroidery into a successful business. She has led her team to design and produce more than 300 cultural and creative products, hoping that more people would get to know the art form and “fall in love” with her hometown through her products. 

Photo shows Xu’s cultural and creative products. (Photo/Intangible Cultural Preservation Center of Gansu Province)

(Web editor: Tian Yi, Liang Jun)


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