Sichuan-based Turkish man expresses gratitude to China for earthquake relief assistance

(People's Daily Online) 17:00, February 09, 2023

"I learnt that Chinese rescue teams had rushed to Türkiye, which really moved me. I want to go with them to help my hometown," said Burak, a Turkish man living in China, after his country was struck by two devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquakes on Feb. 6.

Photo shows Burak, a Turkish man living in China. (Chinanew.com/courtesy of the interviewee)

"I really appreciate China's help. Love knows no boundaries and makes the world a better place," he added.

Burak, who is also known as Abu, has been living in China for 13 years. He married a Chinese woman and is now living in his wife's hometown in the rural area of Hejiang county, southwest China's Sichuan Province. He usually shares details of his daily life online, and has accumulated nearly 2.5 million followers with some 37.71 million thumbs-ups on one short-video platform.

Many of his neighbors, friends, as well as Chinese netizens asked if his family members in Türkiye were safe. "I contacted my family members and friends right after the earthquakes. Since they are far away from the epicenter, they are all safe. We all seem so small in the face of natural disasters. Your love makes the world a better place. Thank you," he said in a short video in response to the care shown by the Chinese people.

Burak said the Turkish people had expressed gratitude to the Chinese rescue teams online. "Türkiye helped Sichuan when Wenchuan county in the province was hit by a massive earthquake. Now China is helping Türkiye. The love and help of mankind in the face of a disaster is great. I'm sure Türkiye and China will always be good friends."

(Web editor: Hongyu, Liang Jun)


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