U.S. culprit in spreading of American-made biological 'poison'

By Chen Zi (People's Daily Online) 09:57, April 14, 2022

(Cartoon by Ma Hongliang)

The U.S.-funded biological laboratories in Ukraine are receiving huge attention from the international society, but the biological and military activities of the Americans in Ukraine are merely the tip of the iceberg. Using such pretexts as cooperating to reduce biological safety risks and strengthening global public health, the U.S. has 336 biological labs in 30 countries under its control in Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. With the frequent occurrence of accidents, these labs pose serious security risks.

The notorious track record of accidents at U.S. labs reveals that the Americans are culprits for the spreading of plague, hatred and wars. The U.S. once conducted the infamous Tuskegee Syphilis study on African Americans to secretly study the harms of syphilis, with the truths behind the experiment covered up for 40 years before being exposed by the U.S. media in 1972. The Lugar Research Center financed by the U.S. Department of Defense in Georgia started experiments on anthrax vaccines in 2013, and the country then witnessed anthrax outbreak in the same year. From 2009 to 2014, United States Forces Korea conducted at least 15 dangerous experiments on Bacillus anthracis inside its bio labs. In 2015, a U.S. biochemical center sent Bacillus anthracis test samples as well as Yersinia pestis samples to a military base in South Korea, with an accident occurring during the shipment. What’s worse, Fort Detrick on its own territory has been dubbed as “the center of the U.S. government's darkest experiments” by U.S. media. Because of serious safety incidents, it was shut down in July 2019.

Despite its notorious records, Washington has always deflected attention when faced with the concerns and queries of the international community, while covering up the facts with lies. What have the U.S.-funded labs across the world done? The U.S. government should adopt a responsible attitude and give a full account of its biological and military activities to the world. 


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(Web editor: Hongyu, Liang Jun)


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