Interview: CPC achievements inspiring, says leader of Communist Party of India

(Xinhua) 13:08, November 10, 2021

NEW DELHI, Nov. 10 (Xinhua) -- The Communist Party of China (CPC) has made great achievements since its founding 100 years ago, which have been inspiring, General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (CPI) D. Raja has said.

During a recent interview with Xinhua, Raja spoke highly of the CPC's achievements and its contributions to the world since its founding, especially after the 18th CPC National Congress.

Describing the 100 years as "a glorious history," he said the CPC has united and led the Chinese people in the founding of the People's Republic of China through a great revolution, and played a "vanguard role" in China's nation building and reform.

Raja noted the wellbeing of the people is the primary concern of the CPC and the Chinese government, who have won the hearts and minds of the people.

As the most populous country in the world, China has achieved the poverty eradication target set by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development ahead of schedule, which is a great achievement, he pointed out.

The reason why the CPC has made the achievements is that it has "tried its best to apply the principles of Marxism, Leninism to the concrete conditions" in China and built socialism with Chinese characteristics, according to Raja.

On the role of political parties, Raja said that there is a need for making collective efforts to resolve the problems facing humanity today and that there are issues nations and political parties must "come together" to address. 

(Web editor: Zhong Wenxing, Liang Jun)


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