Amazing autumn scenery in NW China's Gansu Province

(Ecns.cn) 15:31, October 12, 2021

The Mati Temple is seen in the autumn forests in Sunan Yugur Autonomous County , Gansu province. (Photo/Wu Xuefeng)

Autumn was at its best at the Mati Temple Scenic Area in Gansu province recently. Mati Temple is located in Mati Tibetan Township, Sunan Yugur Autonomous County, Gansu province. It is 65 kilometers to the north of Zhangye City. Mati Temple is a scenic spot integrating grotto art, Qilian Mountain scenery, Yugur and Tibetan customs. The grotto consists of Shengguo Temple, Puguang Temple, Thousand Buddha Caves, Golden Pagoda Temple, and the upper, middle and lower Guanyin Caves. There are more than 70 grottoes, which were built in the Period of Beiliang (397-439).


(Web editor: Zhong Wenxing, Hongyu)


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