Tibet, 40 hours to see - Chapter Four: Towards a New Road to Heaven

(People's Daily Online) 14:30, September 28, 2021

Railways that appear to climb into the sky have transformed the fate of a seemingly inaccessible area of the country. When the Lhasa-Nyingchi Railway went into operation, the southeastern part of Tibet eventually bid farewell to the bygone days when no railway was available in the region. Two amazing “roads to heaven”, namely the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and the Sichuan-Tibet Railway, are the pathways to strengthen interchange between all ethnic groups, to stabilize the border area and to boost rural development and vitalization.

Constructed on layers upon layers of frozen soil, these railways stretch across undulating mountain ridges and through wide expanses of the snow-covered plateau, marking a miraculous new railway-building feat conquered with the industrious efforts of Chinese workers.

Let’s explore several stories they’d like to share in the fourth chapter of "Tibet, 40 Hours to See". 


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