BRICS a platform for joint action, coordination of efforts, Russian expert says

(Xinhua) 14:26, September 11, 2021

MOSCOW, Sept. 11 (Xinhua) -- BRICS today functions not only as a platform for discussion but has transformed into one for joint action and the coordination of efforts, a Russian expert has said.

"BRICS has united the member countries amid the pandemic," said Alexei Maslov, acting director of the Institute for Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The BRICS countries have always avoided politicizing topics discussed in this format, Maslov said, adding that China rapidly took strict anti-epidemic measures from the start, and managed to contain the initial outbreak faster than many countries in general.

The pandemic made it more pressing to discuss the digital economy, the expert told Xinhua.

Possibilities with regard to the creation of joint databases, joint digital platforms, the exchange of achievements in the field of artificial intelligence research have already been repeatedly discussed within the BRICS framework, he said.

"The pace of global economic recovery today is largely determined by the East rather than the West. Therefore, the coordinated efforts of the BRICS countries can play a very significant role in accelerating the global economic recovery," Maslov said.

"Experts and the ordinary public around the world are closely studying Chinese economic recovery with hope because so many global technological chains are linked to China," he added.

"The pandemic hasn't had a great impact on China's strategic goals. Even amid the pandemic, China was able to eradicate absolute poverty. The country is still focused on accelerating innovative development," he said.

China plays an important stabilizing role in today's world, he said, adding that its constructive position in organizations such as BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) contributes to the increased influence of these organizations and the maintenance of stability and strengthened security in the region.

The expert also said that when it comes to Afghanistan, a consolidated position among the BRICS countries is very important, and the BRICS countries are interested in ensuring stability in the country and strengthening security.

(Web editor: Zhang Wenjie, Bianji)


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