US – The destroyer of global anti-pandemic efforts

(People's Daily Online) 10:15, July 30, 2021

The US shows no respect to science and runs counter to justice. Facts prove that the so-called "leadership" Washington aims to renew is just huge damage to the global anti-pandemic efforts.

The US called its allies to pressure the WHO on origin tracing of COVID-19, made its intelligent departments to find the origins of the virus, and repeatedly speculated the so-called "lab leak theory," blatantly spreading political virus on WHO and other international platforms.

Compared with the last US administration, the current one obviously has spent more energy on forming cliques. It is more "skilled" and adept at practicing unilateralism under the banner of multilateralism, following the principle of "America first" in a more deceptive disguise.

In the race between mankind and COVID-19, Washington has ignored people's lives and health, prioritized its international influence, and oppressed other countries. Such wrongful practices would only fail the US on its way to renew the so-called "leadership" and trigger more opposition.

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