ASEAN students learn about Hakka culture in E China's Longyan

(People's Daily Online) 15:33, July 16, 2021

The Foreign Affairs Office of the Fujian Provincial Government in recently arranged for ASEAN students to visit eight Hakka-speaking areas in east China's Fujian Province, including Longyan City, the famous "home of Hakka people".

As they stepped into the iconic Yongding earth buildings, the students were amazed by the splendid Hakka-style architecture, which embodies the old Hakka clan culture. The couplet “Discipline, morality and capability” hung at both sides of the gate of the Zhencheng building, demonstrating the Hakka belief in loyalty to the motherland.

The students also visited Peitian Village, a Hakka ancient village that is over 800 years old. Known as the “Folk Palace”, the village boasts over 30 mansions, each with nine halls and 18 wells, as well as 21 ancestral halls. Peitian Village has been protected and revived to attract tourists while bringing about poverty alleviation.

(Web editor: Xian Jiangnan, Liang Jun)


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