Xinjiang: Our Stories Be Told Part 4 – Art

By Zhang Ruohan, Ma Tianyi, Liu Ning (People's Daily Online) 16:23, July 15, 2021


“Music and dance transcend borders and nationalities, helping to broadcast a sense of beauty far and wide.”“When producing a song, I first must find a source of inspiration, otherwise I’m unable to compose it.” Admirers of the arts will call Xinjiang the “land of song and dance.” Here, the instrument called a “dutar” is played accompanied by songs at family reunions, strangers at night markets might dance together at communal Uygur gatherings called “meshrep,” and people from different ethnic groups would assemble together to square dance at parks. When hearing the sound of traditional ethnic songs, feelings of warmth, hope and happiness flow forth from the melody.

Everywhere one goes in Xinjiang one finds “gods of song” and “kings of dance”, how can you not feel a sense of deep affection for this land?

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