Old town’s Uygur architectural style well preserved in Hotan, NW China's Xinjiang

By Yuan Meng, Zhao Chen, Liu Ning, Luke Witzaney (People's Daily Online) 11:11, June 24, 2021

Tuancheng is a historical city block located in downtown Hotan which is famous for its distinctive Uygur architectural style.

The urban enclave used to be a run-down residential community where at least some locals once traded doves for a living. Since renovations began in 2016, the old town has been revitalized as a major tourist attraction with family inns and shops selling local specialty products.

Wandering along the streets in Tuancheng, I couldn’t help but drop in on some of the families running their own handicraft business on the first floor of a few of the multi-story buildings lining the walkways, which also house living quarters upstairs on the 1st or 2nd floors. One of the fascinating stories I came across was that of a local businesswoman who is operating an Atlas silk shop along its main alley, known as the "Lane of Doves".

She was very kind to invite me into her cozy home just a few steps and a few stairs away from her shop.

Despite the transformation, the community’s present modern vitality has never come at the cost of sacrificing or overshadowing the well-maintained façades of the original architectural landscape.

Definitely don’t miss out on Tuancheng to experience some of the unique features of Uygur culture when you get a chance to visit Hotan City in southwestern Xinjiang.

(Web editor: Xian Jiangnan, Hongyu)


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