China builds a new modern socialist Tibet: white paper

(Xinhua) 13:34, May 21, 2021

BEIJING, May 21 (Xinhua) -- China will ensure that the four main tasks embodied in the guidelines for governing Tibet -- ensuring stability, facilitating development, protecting the eco-environment, and strengthening the frontiers -- will be implemented, a white paper said Friday.

This will ensure success in building a prosperous, harmonious and beautiful new socialist Tibet underpinned by unity, civility and modernization, said the white paper titled "Tibet Since 1951: Liberation, Development and Prosperity," released by the State Council Information Office.

By 2035, new industrialization, IT application, urbanization, and agricultural modernization will have been realized in Tibet. The people will enjoy equal access to basic public services, and substantial progress will have been made in seeking common prosperity for all ethnic groups, it added.

(Web editor: Shi Xi, Liang Jun)


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