Daughter secretly arranges wedding ceremony for parents at banquet before her own wedding

(People's Daily Online) 15:50, May 11, 2021

A woman in Zhanjiang, south China’s Guangdong province, recently gave her mother a happy surprise by secretly turning the banquet held by her family in celebration of her upcoming marriage into a wedding ceremony for her parents, as reported on May 9 by China Media Group on its WeChat page.

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Wang Ruolan, the daughter in the story, took her mother to try on wedding dresses three days before the banquet, having told her mother that she wanted them to take a photo with both of them in wedding gowns.

During the banquet held on May 2, the mother was ushered into the banquet hall with a blindfold tied around her head. When she opened her eyes, she found her husband all decked out in a suit walking directly towards her and with a bouquet held in his hands. He then got down on one knee in front of her and made a marriage proposal.

The mother was at first utterly dumbstruck, but her face soon quickly lit up with immense joy when she realized what was happening.

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The couple then walked hand in hand to their daughter and son-in-law’s side on stage to join them in the ceremony, delivering heartfelt speeches one-by-one to express their love for each other. The speeches deeply touched the guests in attendance, who gave the married couple a thunderous round of applause after they reaffirmed their vows.

“She didn’t know why she needed to put on a wedding dress that day. She thought it was for my own wedding arrangement. When the officiant said it was a wedding ceremony for her and my father, she finally knew what it had been all about,” Wang said.

The special arrangement was designed to make up for her parents’ regrets about not having had the chance to partake in a wedding ceremony of their own when they got married, according to Wang, who had come up with the idea of surprising her mother when she started to plan her own wedding.

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Both her parents were from poor families, and they couldn’t afford a wedding ceremony when they got married. They could only get their marriage certificates, inviting less than 10 relatives and friends to partake in a simple meal at home back then, with “the best food prepared for the occasion having been a chicken dish,” Wang said.

“What he said was also what I feel deep down in my heart, which made me feel very gratified and full of joy,” said Wang’s mother, who has been happily married to her husband for nearly 28 years.

“Me and my daughter are just like friends. I’m so grateful to my daughter and my son-in-law for planning such a surprise for us. I thought to myself that I would try my best to give my daughter whatever kind of wedding ceremony she wanted, but I never knew that it would be her who might help me to realize my dream instead,” the mother said.

(Photo/WeChat account zgzs001)

The carefully prepared surprise, and the love that the family has shown for one another, has left an impression on and won much praise from netizens online, with many commenting that the family is so warm and filled with so much affection for each other, a large number also dropping a line to wish both the married couples a happy future together. 

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