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Strive to Write “Pu’er Answer” of High-quality Leap in New Era

(People's Daily Online)    16:56, June 18, 2020

Wei Xing, Secretary of Municipal CPC Committee of Pu’er city

Liu Yong, Deputy Secretary of Municipal CPC Committee and Mayor of Pu'er city

In January this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Yunnan and delivered an important speech, which further pointed the way forward, clarified the development goals, gave a major mission, and provided the fundamental principles for the high-quality leaping development of Yunnan province in new era. The cadres and people of all ethnic groups in Pu'er City are determined to take the spirit of Xi Jinping's speech as a guide, actively serve and join the overall development of Yunnan province and China, and strive to write a "Pu’er answer" of high-quality leaping development in new era.

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, Pu'er city has adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era., conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Committee and Government of Yunnan province, insisted on taking the poverty alleviation as a target of the overall economic and social development, comprehensively practiced the CPC’s policy toward ethnic groups, vigorously promoted the spirit of Monument of the Oath of Unity of Ethnic Groups of Pu’er, and successfully built the "National Demonstration City of Ethnic Solidarity & Progress", for which, Pu’er has been praised by the National Civil Affairs Commission as "a model of ethnic solidarity & progress." A decisive victory has been achieved in poverty alleviation. Specifically, Pu’er city realized poverty alleviation one year ahead of schedule with high quality, eliminating the absolute poverty lingering for thousands of years in Pu’er. By carrying out the new development concept, Pu’er took the lead in exploring and implementing the dual accounting, dual operation, and dual promotion mechanism of GDP and GEP (Gross Ecosystem Product) in the country and released the GEP accounting results firstly in China. Besides, its construction of the only national pilot green economic demonstration zone have passed the he national mid-term assessment, which preliminarily established a new pattern of green development, bringing more confidence to Pu’er to become the vanguard of the construction of ecological civilization. By giving full play to the geographical advantages of "one city connects three countries, one river connects five neighbors", Pu’er is accelerating the construction of modern comprehensive infrastructure, and building itself into a central city and land port city toward the South Asia and Southeast Asia international sub-region, so as to expand its geographical advantage to advantages of openness and competitiveness.

Facing up to the COVID-19 outbreak since the beginning of this year, Pu'er city has made epidemic prevention and control a top priority and fought against the epidemics by entering wartime and using wartime thinking and measures. The reward for its efforts is that, Pu’er achieved the notable results of "zero spread of imported epidemic cases, zero death of confirmed cases, zero infected medical personnel, zero relapse of cured patients, and zero cases imported from overseas", making important contributions to the overall anti-epidemic situation in Yunnan even the whole country. While implementing epidemic prevention and control, Pu’er has been making an overall plan for the economic and social development, fully restoring the order of production and life, solidly carrying out the "six stability" work, and fully implementing the "six guarantees" task. At present, all enterprises in Pu’er city have resumed work and production, and normal production and life order have been fully restored. In a word, the sustainable and healthy economic development, social harmony, ethnic solidarity, and border stability have been maintained.

Standing at the historical meeting point of the two "one-hundred-year" goals, Pu'er City will follow the way pointed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and resolutely win the "three fights" of poverty alleviation, infrastructure construction, and green development, so as to promote the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech to take root in Pu'er and bear fruit.

Pu’er aims stepping into a well-off society with high-quality poverty alleviation in an all-round pace with the whole Yunnan province. Specifically, Pu’er always adheres to the requirements of “the accountability, policy, assistance and supervision for poverty alleviation would remain after alleviating poverty”, consolidates and improves the quality and achievements of poverty alleviation, continues to promote the mutually-beneficial connection between poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, fully promotes industrial revitalization, talent revitalization, cultural revitalization, ecological revitalization, and organizational revitalization, promotes the sustainable development of the "agriculture, rural areas, and farmers", and builds a well-off society in an all-round pace together with Yunnan province and China..

Pu’er city carries out the infrastructure construction with modern integrated transportation as its focus, continuously strengthens the foundation for high-quality leaping development. With the idea of reform, Pu’er raises construction funds through multiple channels, makes every effort to build "smooth roads of Pu'er", accelerates the formation of the highway network of "three horizontal roads and three vertical roads" , the railway network of "one main road, four branch roads and two cross-border roads" and the aviation network of "three branch lines, five general lines", so as to completely rewrite the backward history of Pu'er transportation and lead Pu'er to join the overall development of Yunnan and China with the modern integrated transportation infrastructure.

Pu’er is determined to build the only national green economy pilot demonstration zone successfully, and promote the green economy from "pilot" to "demonstration". Specifically, Pu’er adheres to the new development concept, handles the relationship between environmental protection and economic development by considering the political factors, holistic factors, long-run factors, overall factors and comprehensive factors, firmly grasps the great opportunities brought by the construction of the country's "Belt and Road", the construction of making Yunnan the radiation center towards South Asia and Southeast Asia, the construction of making Yunnan the most beautiful province, the construction of the Great Dianxi tourism loop, the construction of featured towns and beautiful counties, and the revitalization of the countryside, etc., seizes new opportunities in the fields of new infrastructure, digital economy, biomedicine, and general health, etc. Pu’er implements the industrial optimization and upgrading portfolio, promotes the "new" industrial structure with the "green" mode and "excellent" quality, accelerates the development of eight key industries, strives to create a world-class "three advantages", and shows the magic of converting the green mountains and waters of Pu’er into fortune mountains and water.


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