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Hebei Province in 24 hours

(People's Daily)    13:25, November 08, 2019

Within 24 hours, what's happening in Hebei?

7:00 Chengde

Saihanba people gather in the forest, protecting millions of acres of greenery.

8:00 Xiong’an New Area

Baiyangdian's blue waves shimmer as people travel in a painting.


9:00 Shijiazhuang

At the lively Xibaipo Memorial Hall, people see the very first minds of China’s Communist Party.


10:00 Zhangjiakou

Step by step, enjoy the unique view of the grassland.


11:00 Tangshan

High-speed train EMUS are assembled to demonstrate “China speed” to the world.


12:00 Handan

Pavilions of Wuling Emperor show off their astounding history.


13:00 Hengshui

On the sparkling Hengshui lake, humans and birds share the environment.


14:00 Chengde

A perfect summer residence with an expansive view of the landscape.


15:00 Xingtai

Farmhouses and orchards are in the midst of a harvest. Technology has alleviated the village from poverty.


16:00 Zhangjiakou

In a land of wind and snow, experience the fast and furious.


17:00 Cangzhou

The Wuqiao acrobats will amaze you with their superb acrobatic skills.


18:00 Zhangjiakou

At the Nihewan Basin, immerse yourself in the sunset.


19:00 Xiong’an New Area

Connecting the north and south, the high-speed rail arrives in the afterglow of dusk.


20:00 Tangshan

At the shadow play performance, traditional culture was inherited.


21:00 Shijiazhuang

The lights make Zhengding ancient city as bright as day, both the ancient and modern converge here.


22:00 Hengshui

The art of interior craftsman, the whole world inside a tiny snuff bottle.


23:00 Langfang

On the Yanchao Bridge, cars commute from Beijing to Hebei.


0:00 Shijiazhuang

The subway construction is intense yet orderly, representing the prosperity of the city.


1:00 Cangzhou

Along the Grand Canal, water flows with light and color.


2:00 Baoding

At the Taihang Mountain Toll Station, the staff greet travelers with smiles.


3:00 Cangzhou

Huanghua Port ‘stays up’ all night, so the land and sea never disconnect.


4:00 Baoding

Fresh vegetables leave Hebei’s XinFa, and are ready to be delivered to thousands of households.


5:00 Handan

Morning exercise starts a new day at the Yongnian Taiji Square, where the fit and weak mutually workout together.


6:00 Qinhuangdao

With glowing rays from the morning sun, the Laolongtou District wakes up to a new day.


To persist, to march forward, Hebei has been on a path to glory every day over the past 70 years.


From the sapphire sky to its boundless landscape, Hebei is home to gorgeous scenery.


Combining its ancient history with modernity, Hebei is a fusion of rich cultures.


As a propitious land, Hebei is the birthplace of many legendary heroes.


As a land accustomed to vicissitudes, Hebei has never-ending stories to tell.


As a blessed land, Hebei will continue to make its immortal legends known to the world.

Hebei in 24 hours, the spectacular landscape. 

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(Web editor: Sheng Chuyi, Bianji)

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