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Things you should know about Beijing Daxing International Airport

(People's Daily Online)    14:08, September 11, 2019


It is only less than a month away from day in which Beijing Daxing International Airport (Daxing Airport) will permanently open its doors to passengers, so what is the experience of taking flights at the airport?

The answer is: it can be both "speedy and slow". Now let us have a tour of the Daxing Airport!

Beijing Daxing International Airport is located in Beijing's Lixian Town, Yufa Town of Daxing District and Guangyang District of Langfang City, with a linear distance of 46 kilometers from Tiananmen Square, 67 kilometers from the Capital Airport, 85 kilometers away from Tianjin Binhai Airport, 26 kilometers from the center of Langfang City, 86 kilometers from the center of Baoding City. It seems to be so far away considering the geographic distance, HOWEVER...

You can reach the airport in only 19 mins

It may seem like a daunting distance, but the airport can actually be reached very quickly. How quickly? The answer: Daxing Airport can be reached from downtown Beijing in as little as 19 minutes.

Compared with other airports, the transportation options for Daxing Airport are quite varied. At present, it has built a comprehensive air-ground combined transportation hub composed of terminal, rail transit, inter-city railway as well as an expressway.

With the help of the comprehensive transportation network and a series of air-ground combined transportation products, it will take half an hour from Daxing Airport to the urban area of Beijing, the sub-center of Beijing and Xiong'an New Aea, and one hour to Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, and Baoding.

The subway from Daxing Airport Line (Caoqiao Station) to Daxing Airport Station has been built and put into trial operation. In the future, it will be able to reach speeds of 160 kilometers per hour, and it will only take 19 minutes to reach Daxing airport from Caoqiao Station.

In addition to the fast traffic, there are other aspects of "speediness" you can't imagine.


Speedy to buy a ticket

Passengers can use cash, WeChat and Alipay to buy one-way tickets at the customer service center and automatic machines within the station or they can use Yitongxing APP to buy tickets in advance and collect them on site.

Speedy to transfer

The transfer distance between Caoqiao Station of Daxing Airport Line and Line 19 is about 45 meters. If you would like to transfer to Line 10, the distance is about 270 meters, which takes 6 minutes.

Speedy to get in

Passengers can also use Yitongxing APP and all-in-one card to get in by swiping a card or scanning a code.

Daxing Airport Line will also be the first line in the subway network to realize "getting-in via face swiping".

If choosing the air-rail combined transport, passengers can exchange their boarding pass at the city terminal at Caoqiao Station and simply scan the QR code on their boarding pass to enter the gate.

Speedy to check-in

If you arrive at Daxing Airport by rail transit, you will be able to see the domestic check-in, luggage check, and security check area on the B1 floor of the airport after you exit the station. Domestic passengers will not need to go upstairs to check-in. It's only a two-minute walk from the subway to the check-in counter on the ground floor.

If you are driving to the airport, you can go to the domestic express check-in and boarding area directly on the 3rd floor for domestic flights if you have already checked in online in advance. Because Daxing Airport has adopted the design of double-deck departure viaduct for the first time, and the 4th floor is designed with the traditional check-in area for international and domestic flights.

According to the plan, Daxing Airport will have a "one-pass customs clearance" during the winter and spring air travel season in 2019, which means boarding a plane requires only an ID card or a passport, rather than a paper luggage tag or an electronic QR code, as other airports do.

Speedy to check the luggage

Passengers can register their face in the self-service CUSS machine. After data collection, passengers can handle check-in procedures and baggage checking through face recognition, making the self-service mode more efficient and convenient.

Speedy to have the security check

The security check at Daxing Airport has also begun an "age of face swiping." Swipe your ID card to enter the first door, swipe your face to verify your identity, and enter the second door. The security basket at the bottom of the belt is much larger than the previous one at Beijing Capital Airport. It is also self-service. Take out your laptop and battery charger, put your carry-on luggage into the basket, push it forward into the automatic belt, and then go through the security gate for manual security check. The whole process only takes about three minutes.

Speedy to board a flight

Daxing Airport adopts the centralized multi-corridor configuration and the radial configuration, which enables passengers to walk no more than 600 meters from the center of the terminal to the most distant gate. The walking time is less than 8 minutes, effectively solving the problem of the long walking distance for passengers.

Speedy for flight transfer

It takes 30 minutes to transfer from a domestic flight to another domestic one, 45 minutes to transfer from an international flight to another international one, 60 minutes to transfer from a domestic flight to an international flight, and 60 minutes from an international flight to a domestic one.

In particular, compared with Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital Airport, the time of transfer from an international flight to a domestic one and the time from a domestic flight to an international one can be reduced by 1 hour and 30 minutes respectively.


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