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Things you may not know about Major Heat (2)

(People's Daily Online)    15:52, July 23, 2019

Diet in Major Heat

Eating litchi

On the day of Major Heat, there is the custom of eating litchi in Fujian Province, as a celebration of Major Heat. Litchi is a nutritious fruit containing glucose and vitamins. It is said that eating litchi during Major Heat is like eating ginseng.


Eating grass jelly

In Guangdong, people usually eat grass jelly during Major Heat, which is made with a special grass whose stems and leaves can be made into herb jelly after being dried in the sun. With the magic to quell the summer heat, grass jelly is described in an old saying that "eating herb jelly in Major Heat will make you stay young like the immortals."

(Photo/People's Daily Weibo official account)

Eating mutton soup

There is a custom in Shandong Province where people have mutton soup on the day of Major Heat. Many people will go to local restaurants to have mutton soup, which is called "summer mutton soup."


Health Tips

When you are at home, remember to use the air conditioner as follows:

1. When cooling and ventilating indoors, air conditioners should be turned on first and then windows should be closed.

2. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not be too large. An indoor temperature of around 26 C is most suitable.

3. During "sauna day", turn on the dehumidification function since it can bring coolness without lowering the air conditioning temperature.


4. When the air conditioner is on for 3 hours, remember to open the window for ventilation.

5. The air outlet is more refrigerated upward, so that the cold air circulates from top to bottom.

(Photo/People's Daily Weibo official account)

During hot summer days, outdoor activities should be decreased, and it is best to exercise in the morning or evening. At the same time, remember to have warm boiled water after exercise. Most importantly, as long as you don’t exert yourself too much, you won’t feel the heat too much.

As the last solar term in summer, Major Heat is the hottest season. Bear the previous notions in mind, and get ready to embrace the following summer days! 


Hello, the last summer days of 2019. 


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