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Chinese in PNG issue statement condemning Monday killings


09:44, June 28, 2013

SYDNEY, June 28 (Xinhua) -- The China-PNG Friendship Association Inc. Friday issued a joint statement strongly condemning the brutal killings of four Chinese on Monday in Papua New Guinea's capital of Port Moresby.

The statement said the Chinese community is greatly shocked and saddened by the incident, adding there are thousands of Chinese nationals living and working in Papua New Guinea who have regarded PNG as their second home away from home and the good-hearted PNG people as their friends from their own family.

"We strongly condemn the senseless criminal activities depriving the innocent lives from their beloved family and friends, " said the statement

The Chinese community appealed to the public for any useful information to facilitate the police investigation and bring the murders to justice as soon as possible.

"We call on a secured living and working environment for all the local and foreign residents or visitors in PNG."

The Chinese community also expressed their gratefulness in the statement to the PNG government and police officers who have demonstrated great sympathy to the victims.

"We call on the police to spare no efforts to track down the suspects and bring the evils to justice at earliest time," the community said.

Four Chinese were stabbed to death by masked criminal in a bakery on Monday night. The investigation is still continuing.

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