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APF border defense reports results of anti-drug operations during first 4 months of 2013

(China Military Online)

13:28, June 27, 2013

BEIJING, June 26 (ChinaMil) -- The Fujian Frontier Defense Contingent of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force (APF) cracked a huge cross-Taiwan Strait drug smuggling case on May 31, 2013 with 4 suspects arrested and 146 kg of ketamine (commonly known as "K powder") seized.

The Shantou Frontier Defense Detachment of the APF Guangdong Frontier Defense Contingent successfully arrested 3 suspects and seized 35 kg of "K powder" in a serious narcotics trafficking case in mid-June.

From January to April of this year, the APF border defense troop units cracked 1,053 narcotics-dealing cases with 1,234 suspects arrested and 1,685.34 kg of drugs seized, among which, methamphetamine accounted for 43.46% of the total, heroin accounted for 38.86%, opium accounted for 11.07%, and other narcotics accounted for 6.6%.

The Chinese APF border defense troop units are active in carrying out exchange and cooperation with their counterparts of neighboring countries on law enforcement actions, which has resulted in the establishment of a joint work mechanism to prevent and combat drug-related crimes.

Meanwhile, the Chinese APF border defense troop units attach importance to the timely collection of the information of the cultivation, processing and transfer of overseas drugs as well as their trafficking routes and methods, which helped lead to 47 cases with 10,000-plus grams of narcotics cracked and seized in each of these cases in the first 4 months this year.

"The narcotics trafficked into China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand come basically from the 'Golden Triangle' region and a large proportion of them were transported through waters of the Mekong River", a leader of the APF Yunnan Frontier Defense Contingent told PLA Daily. The four countries have created a new model of law enforcement and security cooperation to jointly search and crack down on drug crimes on the Mekong River, he said.

According to his briefing, the APF Yunnan Frontier Defense Contingent learned earlier this year from gathered information that a transnational drug cartel, which has been using the Mekong River as its long-term drug trafficking route, was going to have a bulky deal of narcotics trafficking in March. On March 19, the APF Yunnan Frontier Defense Contingent coordinated with Lao border troops in Bokeo Province to activate the joint patrol and law-enforcement mechanism, and jointly cracked this large transnational drug trafficking case, seizing 600 kg of Methamphetamine in 20 sacks.

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