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PLAAF strengthens pilots' free air combat capability

(China Military Online)

13:43, June 25, 2013

BEIJING, June 24(ChinaMil) -- With the successive commissioning of new-type fighters and with sights setting on the need for free air combat training, the Air Force of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLAAF) required that pilots who participate in free air combat training for the first time must take human centrifuge anti-gravity capability test and can conduct free air combat training after passing the test and obtaining the free air combat certificate.

An aviation medicine institute under the PLAAF is responsible for providing the human centrifuge anti-gravity capability training and issuing the free air combat certificate.

Since the beginning of May 2013, a total of 100-odd pilots have come to the institute in batches to participate in the training and screening of human centrifuge anti-gravity capability, and carry out such aviation medicine training as anti-flight-illusion training in spatial disorientation simulator and psychological adjustment.

According to Luo Yongchang, head of the aviation medicine institute under the PLAAF, through the systematic training, the pilots can improve their aviation physiology, psychological quality and comprehensive ability to handle special situations in the air, and can determine tactics independently and achieve the goal during free air combat training.

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