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Soft gold -- gambiered Guangdong silk

People's Daily Online)  09:23, June 23, 2013  

Gambiered Guangdong silk is made of the best silk. The first step in the production of gambiered Guangdong silk is to dye the silk. It is the essence of the whole process. (Photo/

Gambiered Guangdong silk is honored as the soft gold silk. The price of a shirt made of it sells for about 100,000 yuan. Why is it so expensive? How is it made?

The following photos answer the questions.

It is mainly manufactured by dip-dyeing in dye yam solution, and insolating under the burning sun. The production uses solar energy, a kind of clean and reproducible energy. The production process is clean and environmental friendly.

The performance of the gambiered Guangdong silk is studied by testing its comfortableness, durability and anti-crease property, and compared with the corresponding degummed silk fabric.

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