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Think tank has huge potential for development

By Fu Ying (People's Daily Online)

11:09, June 24, 2013

(People's Daily Online/file photo)

Edited and translated by Zhang Qian, People's Daily Online

Nowadays, think tank pushes the pulse of international thought. It is the reserve of national strategy, as well as the leader of policy and social ideological trend; it is the talent cultivation base, and the platform of international communication. So we can say that think tank constitutes the important intellectual support of judgment on situation and decision-making of every country.

I met a lot of think tank scholars and also got much information and intelligence from the think tanks’ results. I deeply felt that there is huge potential and space for the development of the think tank in emerging economies like China; especially there are a lot to be done on major subjects of China’s concern and its international relations.

China and the United States, for example, have different perspectives. Speaking of how to establish the new-type relations between the two big powers, good policy suggestions by think tank for dynamic thought and reality between the two countries and research in the deep and wide field are necessarily needed. Some Americans think that China is eager to become a superpower. In fact, Chinese people advocate harmony without uniformity, and the notion of mutual respect is rooted in the cultural traditions. Chinese president’s visit to Trinidad and Tobago embodies the concept that all countries, small and big, are equal. China proposed to establish the "new type of major power relations", which means China and the United States doesn’t go against each other. We use "major countries" instead of "great power" used by American think-tanks, which is usually translated into powerful country or might in Chinese. In China, most people do not think China has now become a world power, let alone might.

The divergence of China and the United States on the issue of "great power" increases the subtle differences of understanding. This is not rare because it results from cultural tradition, stage of development and political basis and many other different things. The growth of China needs the world’s understanding; it also needs to know more about the world. For Chinese think-tanks, they needs more study and research in commonality and differences of China and the rest of the world, and gradually form its theory and encourage tolerance to avoid or reduce the misunderstanding.

Read the Chinese version:智库发展大有空间潜力(名家笔谈); Source: People's Daily;

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