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Obama's deeds more important than his words

(Global Times)

08:22, June 21, 2013

US President Barack Obama delivered a speech on Wednesday at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany, in which terms including peace, democracy, freedom and cutting nuclear weapons were key themes. At this special location where the Berlin Wall fell, Obama described the future of Europe and the whole world that the West hopes to see.

Perhaps there are few people who are opposed to Obama's description of this future world. However, Obama's requests for other countries to take action amount to more effort than he asks of the US.

Iran and North Korea were mentioned in the speech, however, the strategic objectives of both relate to self-protection rather than threatening regional security. They do not necessarily pose a real threat to global peace and security.

China is a developing country with strong economic momentum but a very low-profile strategic posture. Particularly when dealing with the relationship with the US, China is very cautious so as to prevent bilateral ties from becoming confrontation between a rising powers and an established power.

Despite using many beautiful words, Obama's speech has shown the political assertiveness and sense of moral superiority that Western politicians have become accustomed to. Actually, the disharmony between Western-centrism and multi-polar development of the world has already become one of the main disputes in the modern world. Obama should strive to relieve this disharmony.

He should be more active in responding to China's proposal to establish a new type of great power relations between China and the US, making competition between the powers an economic and cultural process instead of a zero-sum game. Fulfilling this goal will be of much more substantial significance than general talks on global peace and universal values.

Obama should promote Western understanding and respect for political diversity. Western elites preach their political system as the only correct model for governance, partly because they are short-sighted and partly due to their political selfishness. Ultimately it makes many non-Western countries become victims.

Instead of kick-starting a new round of trade protectionism, Obama should act as a defender of free trade. He should also actively respond to many countries' requests for the establishment of a more reasonable financial order to promote equity within the international economic system. Whether the world can safely weather the crisis depends on Obama and the US government's decisions.

Obama is a genius when it comes to delivering speeches. However, the world is more focused on his deeds than his words.

It is hoped that what Obama does will correspond to his beautiful words. It is also hoped that he can live up to the expectations of people from all over the world and escape from the narrow-mindedness demonstrated by his predecessors.

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