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A mother's hardship and resilience

People's Daily Online)  08:17, June 19, 2013  

Ms. Xue takes care of her daughter Hao Xin. (Photo/CNS)

Being a mother is never easy: feeding, changing diaper… Ms. Xu is an ordinary Chinese woman who has a boy and a girl. However, she burdens more hardship than others, because her husband was dead; her daughter lost a leg to amputation; her mother suffers serious sickness.

Her husband died from diabetes and left big debts to the family in 2006. She had to be strong to play the roles of father and mother to raise her children. And she had to make money on her own to support the whole family; all responsibilities fell on her shoulder.

Misfortune never comes alone. Early this year, a bike scratched her daughter Hao Xin’s leg, and a few days later her wound got worse. Hao Xin refused to go hospital to save money but Ms. Xue insisted to send her to see doctor. Hao Xin was diagnosed with malignant bone cancer; she had to receive an amputation surgery.

Terrible disease and unaffordable medical fee undoubtedly worsened the grave situation of this poor family. But however hopeless the situation is, she only shares joys and hopes with the family and never sheds tears in front of them.

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