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New silk stocking product to beat sex harassment

(People's Daily Online)

08:34, June 20, 2013

The hairy stockings (Photo/

Some women look to beat the heat this summer with skimpier clothes, some women look to beat the sex harassment with "hairy silk stocking".

Stockings with hairs?
Some ladies' photos of a new stocking product - the hairy stockings - on Weibo, China's equivalent of Twitter, have triggered controversy online recently. Wearing the product produces an optical illusion: a lady has hairy legs. The post on Weibo has now been forwarded 11,000 times. People believe if a lady wears the hairy stocking, she will not be sexually harassed, and netizens praise it as the best product to beat sex harassment.

Be brave to wear it?
Many female netizens introduce the hairy stocking to their girl friends. Although people believe it can "beat" sex harassment, they do not have enough courage to wear it in public.

The new product caught male netizens' attention too. Some male netizens post their hairy legs on Weibo to compare with the silk stocking.

Where to buy?
Many sellers are concerned about whether this new product can drive sales, and only a few online shops sell the stocking on Taobao, one of the largest online trade platforms in China. Most sellers are not stocking the products and buyers need to book in advance if they want to buy.

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how much?
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Disgusting!!! but funny ..
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