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Performances to honor late Kunqu master

(Shanghai Daily)

09:22, June 28, 2013

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Yu Zhenfei (1902-1993), one of the best-known masters of Kunqu Opera, known for his scholarly elegance.

To celebrate his Yu School of opera, his 70-year-old student Cai Zhengren will present a series of performances at the Daguan Theater from July 18 to 19.

Yu's artistry and impact upon Kunqu Opera is compared to that of Mei Lanfang's on Peking Opera.

Cai himself will perform without musical accompaniment, a tribute to his vocal skills.

He will be joined by 12 young Kunqu Opera artists from major troupes around the country, as well as the "Prince of Kunqu" Zhang Jun, named a UNESCO Artist for Peace in 2011.

Excerpts from classics will be performed, including "The Palace of Eternal Youth" and the "The Legend of White Snake."

Yu started to learn opera at the age of six from his Kunqu actor father. He attributed much of his success to his appreciation of classical Chinese literature.

One of Yu's major achievements was recording the 16 different, complicated vocal arts of Kunqu Opera.

"Singing is the root of Kunqu Opera," Cai said. "Only when you grasp the basic skills of the 16 vocal arts can you be a real Kunqu Opera singer."

During the performances, Yu's wife Li Qianghua, a famed Peking Opera artist, will display Yu's costumes and valuable scripts at the theater.

Date: July 18-19, 7:30pm

Venue: Daguan Theater, Zendai Himalayas Center, 3/F, 1188 Fangdian Rd

Tickets: 80-280 yuan

Tel: 6267-7199, 962-388

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