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Chinese Embassy in Indian confirms Chinese woman raped in Indian capital


08:59, February 08, 2013

NEW DELHI, Feb. 7 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese Embassy in India Thursday confirmed that a Chinese woman was raped in the Indian capital earlier this week.

The Chinese Embassy has made official contacts with the Indian police and Indian Ministry of External Affairs after the news broke out in local media that a young Chinese woman was raped by an Indian man in the Indian capital earlier this week, said embassy sources.

The Chinese embassy expressed shock and strong anger over the incident, saying that the security of Chinese citizens can never be violated.

The embassy urged the Indian government to seriously deal with this incident, protect the security, legal rights and privacy of the victim of the rape, as well to arrest and harshly punish the rapist to render justice to the victim.

It also urged the Indian authorities to take all efficient measures to protect Chinese citizens in India and prevent similar incidents to happen again.

The Indian side said it was seriously looking into this incident and would take all efficient measures to protect security, legal rights and privacy of the victim of the rape.

Indian police also said they have arrested the suspect and were collecting evidence before sending him to court.

Chinese embassy in India has also urged Chinese citizens in India, especially women, to strongly remain alert about their personal security, avoid going out of house alone, shun insecure places, and report to police and Chinese embassy once they meet any unusual situation.

India is known for rampant rapes against women and Delhi is called "rape capital of the world".

A 23-year-old Indian woman died after being brutally raped by six thugs on a moving bus in December last year. The incidents shocked the whole world. Moreover, rapes are being reported on a daily basis in India.

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