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Philippines President mentions his Chinese descent

(People's Daily Online)

17:03, February 06, 2013

MANILA, Feb. 6 (CNS) Confucius Institute at the Ateneo de Manila University held a presentation for its newly published painting album "Philippines' traditional Chinese painting" to start a series of activities celebrating Spring Festival. The president of Philippines Aquino III has expressed his hope that such communications can better strengthen the partnership between China and Philippines in a written speech. He also mentioned his Chinese descent.

Aquino said during his speech that the relationship between the two counties goes back to many centuries ago. In fact, Manila has the oldest China Town in the world, which proves that people from the two countries share some common history and culture. Philippines and China have shown to the world some common values the two nations share like "diligence", "dedication" and " patriotism", which have already become the foundation of the relationship between China and Philippines.

He also pointed that, the most realistic proof of Sino-Philippines ties is the fact that many Chinese- Filipino have settle down and started lives in Philippines. He particularly mentioned that "I'm one of them", a Filipino "with Chinese descent". During his visit to China in 2011, he planted a tree in the village where his family originally came from, Hongjian in Fujian province, China, to pay his respect for his ancestors. His mother has also been to Hongjian village.

Chen Xianda, the spokesmen for Philippines President, who is also a Chinese-Filipino, expressed his wishes to the audience in Chinese after reading the written speech.

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