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Myanmar president meets Chinese military delegation on bilateral ties


10:08, January 20, 2013

YANGON, Jan. 19 (Xinhua)-- Myanmar President U Thein Sein met with visiting Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Chinese People 's Liberation Army Qi Jianguo and his party here Saturday.

U Thein Sein said that Myanmar and China share a long border and have maintained good neighborliness and friendship since ancient times.

He said that the Chinese government and the army had given Myanmar selfless assistance in its most difficult period, which the Myanmar side will never forget.

He also said that strengthening communication and exchange between the two armies in the current complicated situation is very important and expressed the hope that the two sides will make joint efforts to safeguard their common interests and maintain peace and stability in their border regions.

Qi Jianguo said that the Chinese armed forces have attached great importance to consolidating and developing relations between the two countries and their armed forces, and will make vigorous efforts for this end, and that China will not interfere in the internal affairs of Myanmar.

He said China hopes that the Myanmar government will give high priority to Myanmar's domestic social harmony, and the peace in its northern part, and that the government will take care of the security needs in Sino-Myanmar border areas, and adopt effective measures to achieve stability there.

Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar Li Junhua attended the meeting.

Qi jianguo arrived here Saturday for the first China-Myanmar strategic security consultation.

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