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China, Kazakhstan continuously deepen all-round cooperation: Kazakh FM

By Liu Hui (People's Daily Online)

14:47, December 20, 2012

Erlan Idrisov, Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan (People's Daily Online/ Liu Hui)

Kazakhstan has a long time relationship with China, Kazakhstan is very excited to develop the dynamic political economic relations with China and we are lucky to find the same response from China. The future for Kazakhstan and China is very bright said the Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Erlan Idrisov in an interview with reporter from People’s Daily Online.

In political exchanges, China is a very strong partner, one important element to that is political leaders. The leaders from the two countries have very close relationship until today. We welcome the new leadership in China, we watched closely on the 18th Party Congress of China, and we expect the same relations with the new generation of leaders, said Erlan Idrisov.

Kazakhstan also has a close economic relationship with China. Today China is the number two trade partner with Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan has almost 100 billion dollars trade, and China accounts for 33 billion dollars of trade, it has the potential to grow further, said Erlan Idrisov.

Reportedly, great successes have been achieved in energy cooperation, and 20 percent of Kazakhstan's oil is exported to China. Intense efforts will be made to complete construction of the Kazakhstan natural gas pipeline that is being co-built by China by 2014, to increase natural gas exports to China.

The second Kazakhstan-China railway passing Horgos Port will be put into service at the end of this year. The transport interconnection between the two countries will be promoted by accelerating the construction of roads connecting with western China. Kazakhstan will make efforts to expand cooperation with China in non-resource areas during the Industralization process.

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