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Man jailed for torturing his daughter for 5 years

By Leeann Li   (Shanghai Daily)

14:18, July 25, 2013

The girl, who police said was abused by her father, is treated at a clinic in a village in Jinsha county, Guizhou province, on Saturday. Her father has been detained. (Photo/CFP)

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A man, who inflicted severe physical pain leading to grievous injuries on his 11-year-old daughter over a period of five years, was sentenced to a year and six months in jail in Jinsha County in southwest China's Guizhou Province.

Yang Shihai's daughter had severe burns on scalp caused by boiling water, her mouth stitched with wires and fingers clamped with pincers.

Her plight only came to light when she was seen walking in a trance and murmuring alone by the roadside in May. Scars were visible all over her body.

Doctors from a local clinic in Shichang County said the girl was unlikely to grow hair again and suffered from malnutrition. She was transferred to a hospital in Zunyi City for further treatment.

Yang was arrested on May 22 and stood on trail on July 19 for causing intentional harm. Prosecutors accused Yang of venting his anger on the girl and that his lack of education had no relevance to his violent acts. The Jinsha People's Court accepted the accusations against Yang, China News Service reported.

The Beijing Morning Post reported that in October 2012 local police had dealt with Yang when he reportedly held the girl upside down and pressed her head into a basin of boiling water.

Yang told police then that he just trying to remove lice from her hair.

Under the current Chinese laws, only people who are tortured have the right to file lawsuits. Prosecutors can intervene only when victims are severely injured or died.

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