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Seven students' survival challenge in a strange city

People's Daily Online)  08:02, July 23, 2013  

Three are exhausted after spending whole day looking for job on July 18. The temperature hit 35 degree Celsius on that day. (Xinhua/ Zhang Rui)

Edited and translated by Wang Xin, People's Daily Online.

Seven college students planned to live in a strange city for 15 days with 700 yuan cash during their summer holiday.
These students, all post-1990s from Zhejiang Normal University, arrived in Hefei city on July 11. On the first day, a recruitment agency found them job of real-estate leaflets distribution with payment of 60 yuan a day, and the agency charged every one 90 yuan. On the seventh day, the agency did not assign job for them, so they decided to seek job by themselves.

"More challenges will make my path harder, the way of chasing dream is not that easy, but we will face it bravely…" They sang the song under sunlight for one purpose - to survive in the strange city. Xu Zedi, the team leader said: ”700 yuan is all we have including travel expenses. And we have no friends and family in Hefei. We hope we could survive by our own efforts."

They lived simple life to save the cost. In the room they rent, four of them sleep on the bed, three of them made bed on the floor. They ate two meals a day. “Although I felt uncomfortable and had been refused many times when I applied jobs, this experience motivated me and I have strong will now,” a female student Liu Yu said.

As of July 20, the seven students earned 1,800 yuan, and spent 1,241 on living. They successfully survived in the strange city!

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(Editor:WangXin、Chen Lidan)


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