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Shanghai cracks down on online fraud, arrests over 3,500

By Ke Jiayun  (Shanghai Daily)

14:12, July 25, 2013

Police in Shanghai have intensified their crack down on rising cybercrimes, handling 2,524 cases and arresting 3,876 suspects between May and July alone.

That number was up a whooping 33.8 percent from the same period of last year, while the number of suspects held increased 14 percent.

More than 32,000 pieces of information - from rumors, scams and personal data - were cleaned online and 1,746 illegal websites were shut down by police.

Two hackers, surnamed Zheng and Zhang, were arrested in Jiangsu Province in April for stealing over 2,400 online game accounts, causing a loss of more than 800,000 yuan (US$130,320) to the game company and its players.

The company reported to Pudong police on March 26 that lots of key binding game accounts were stolen.

An investigation showed that hackers took advantage of the company's program bug and intruded the system. Police caught the two criminals in Changzhou City and Yancheng City on April 2 and 18 respectively.

Zheng is being held for larceny, while Zhang is out on bail.

On May 17, Jinshan police caught a gang of 29 who cheated online investors of over 200,000 yuan for so-called stock information via QQ, a popular instant messaging software service in China. The accounts were traced to Zhengzhou City in Henan Province.

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