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China to curb superfluous talent shows


09:01, July 25, 2013

China's TV regulator on Wednesday announced that it is going to cap the number of talent shows focused on singing competitions to prevent such programs from clogging airwaves this summer.

The State General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television said in a news release to Xinhua that satellite broadcasters should stop investing in any new singing competition shows; shows that have already been produced, but have not yet aired, should not be aired until after the summer vacation; and series currently being aired should be aligned with different schedules.

The administration said the move is meant to prevent the homogeneous development of TV programs and provide audiences with diversified choices, as this year saw a remarkable surge in such talent shows.

Also according to the news release, broadcasters are urged to be thrifty in program production and to avoid ostentation and sensationalism, in accordance with the current frugality campaign initiated by central authorities.

Many satellite broadcasters have jumped on the singing competition bandwagon since the first season of "The Voice of China," a singing competition that Zhejiang Satellite TV aired last summer, achieved huge commercial success and popularity.

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