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China's first online military game released

(China Military Online)

09:06, July 23, 2013

BEIJING, July 22 (ChinaMil) -- The Military Game Development and Management Center under the Nanjing Military Area Command (MAC) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) recently announced that the online edition of China's first military game entitled the "Glorious Mission" was officially released, and a confrontation and demonstration game between the "Red Army" and the "Blue Army" was held in a game demonstration room of a military sub-command. The release of the online game marks that military games have realized networked confrontation throughout the PLA for the first time.

As the PLA's first online game, the online edition of the "Glorious Mission" adopts the PLA characteristics of the stand-alone edition, and has many innovative contents, such as fierce battle, plots of War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, anti-quake stories, freely combined weapons and skills, map of China's first aircraft carrier and defending the Diaoyu Islands.

Developed by the Nanjing MAC of the PLA, China's first military game "Glorious Mission" was distributed to the PLA in October 2011, and was included into the training subjects of the PLA. Currently, the online version of the "Glorious Mission", an upgraded one of the game, is being tested by the officers and men of the Nanjing MAC as well as cadets of military academies of the PLA. They expressed that compared with the stand-alone version, the online version features fiercer confrontation, richer contents and higher playability.

It is learnt that the online edition of the "Glorious Mission" is now used to promote the summer conscription, so as to encourage aspiring young people to join the army.

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