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Air traveler barred from taking amputated leg on board

(Shanghai Daily)

08:04, February 27, 2013

Security workers in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in the capital of Guangdong Province were astonished to find a frozen human leg in a routine baggage scan yesterday.

The frozen leg was packed with ice in a box and the owner surnamed Huang said he put his amputated leg in the box in order to take it to his home in Chongqing in western China, today's Guangzhou Daily reported.

"It is our custom to keep the body as a whole after death," he said.

Since Huang could neither provide a hospital certificate nor get an approval from the flight operator, he was banned from carrying his leg to the aircraft.

He had no choice but to give his leg to some relatives who saw him off at the airport and told them to mail his leg to him.

"It's so rare that patients are allowed to take away their amputated limbs or removed organs," a Guangzhou doctor said.

Huang was reluctant to disclose details, the report said.

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