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New CPC leadership's first 100 ruling days inspiring

By Meng Na, Guo Likun, Li Bin and Wu Jing (Xinhua)

14:29, February 21, 2013

BEIJING, Feb. 21 (Xinhua) -- Chinese people are used to celebrating a newborn's 100th day, thinking it an important mark for a baby's growth. Sometimes, the custom can also apply to a ruling Party's new leadership.

One hundred days since the new leaders of China's ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) took the helm, their "new deals" continue to inspire the Chinese people. Changes have been seen, though there are still tests and expectations ahead.

On Nov. 15, 2012, the leadership was elected one day after the 18th CPC national congress concluded, and they made their first public debut the same day.

The whole world was speculating in what direction they would lead the world's largest political party and the world's most populous country.

The "inaugural speech" by Xi Jinping, the new general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, when he met with several hundred journalists on Nov. 15, is still frequently talked of by ordinary Chinese people.

In it, he mentioned the word "people" nearly 20 times and "responsibility" more than 10 times.

Xi stressed, "We must first of all conduct ourselves honorably" and vowed to rally and lead the Party and all Chinese people in carrying "the relay baton" passed on to the new leadership by history, and in continuing efforts to achieve the great renewal of the Chinese nation.

The 100th day of the leadership's reign, which falls on Feb. 22, is a good time for retrospection and for looking forward as well.

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