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China's SR-5 self-propelled long-range rocket attract attention in Mideast

(People's Daily Online)

08:21, February 26, 2013

At the International Defense Exhibition and Conference held at Abu Dhabi, Chinese military enterprises made a collective appearance in the form of national exhibition-delegation as usual.
China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) showed its VN-11 infantry fighting vehicles, CS/SA-1 self-propelled 35 mm anti-aircraft guns, SH-3 and SH-5 wheeled self-propelled artilleries, and other low-price weapons with premium quality. It also showed two long-range strike platforms of the world's leading level: PLZ-52 self-propelled artillery and SR-5 self-propelled long-range rocket launcher.

At this exhibition, NORINCO also displayed an air defense system which, according to the description on the exhibition board, can effectively transform the air defense platform upgraded with information technology into an interconnected interoperable multi-layer air defense system. It is not only capable of attacking the low altitude defense-penetration UAV and other "small, low, and slow" targets and cruise missiles, but can also fight against enemy fighters and helicopters at middle and high altitudes and weapons launched by them outside the combat zone.
China Precision Machinery Import Company displayed the field air defense system that had attracted widespread concern in China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition held in Zhuhai last year. The system comprises the LY-80 medium-range field air defense missiles, LY-60 short-range air defense missile weapon system, FB-6A vehicle-mounted short-range air defense missile weapon system, and FN-6/FN-16 portable missiles. The system emphasizes on rapidly unfolding multi-level echelon defense and field combat and attaches importance to the attacking effect against low altitude defense-penetration targets and small slow targets, which reflects the judgment of research and development institute about the new trends and new threats in field air defense.
In addition to the ground system, the warship models displayed by China State Shipbuilding Corporation also attracted the attention of the Middle Eastern countries. Upon their release, the amphibious assault ships, high-speed frigate, S20-class submarines and other warships quickly caught the attention of Middle East countries, Europe, and the United States.

With the enhancement of China's national strength and development of its technological level in recent years, the research and development capabilities of Chinese military enterprises have also constantly improved. They pay more attention to actual situations of the users, products upgrade and after-sale services.

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