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Russian FM voices against military solution to Syria crisis


16:14, February 21, 2013

MOSCOW, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- Military solution to the Syria conflict is a way to nowhere and would only lead to destruction of the nation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday.

Lavrov made the remarks following the Russia-Arab cooperation forum.

According to Lavrov, Moscow and the Arab League have agreed to work closely to bridge the government and opposition in Syria despite all obstacles.

"Both sides submit the preconditions (for a dialogue). Still, since there is the main thing -- mutual readiness, then to coordinate the parameters is a matter of diplomatic skills," Lavrov said.

He noted that the Syrian government must confirm its readiness for a dialogue with the opposition.

"Time has come when words must be backed by practice. We expect that and will work to make it happen," Lavrov said, adding that Russia might host the meeting between Syria's foreign minister and opposition representatives.

Moaz al-Khatib, head of Syria's opposition coalition, is going to visit Moscow in March, Lavrov said, adding that the Syrian government's delegation is also expected to visit Moscow soon.

The opposition leader recently declared his readiness to embark on negotiations with the Syrian government so long as it would finally lead to the departure of the Damascus administration.

UN-Arab League joint envoy Lakhdar Brahimi expressed his support for the call, urging all sides of the conflict and the international community to respond to al-Khatib's call for dialogue.

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