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Diplomacy to help China become global power

(People's Daily Online)

11:01, February 20, 2013

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Cai Run, director of policy planning of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs came to the Qiangguo Forum of People’s Daily Online to have an online communication with the netizens on Tuesday. During the communication, he talked about how diplomacy can help China become global power.

Every country in the world has its own internal logic as well as general rules in their way to becoming a global power. China is no exception.

As a big country marching on socialist road with its own characteristics, China’s rise as a world power will definitely not only reflect the general rules but also has its own distinctive characteristics and deep brand of the times. China will embark on a new path. I think China will rely on the following three aspects to become a world power.

First, China must focus on its own affairs well, and keep improving its comprehensive national strength. This is the material base for it to become a world power. We will be more capable to get on well with other countries and more qualified to make greater contributions to the peace and development of the world after our national strength is enhanced.

Second, we should rely on our policy advantage. China peruses an independent foreign policy of peace, takes the road of peaceful development, advocates win-win cooperation, adheres to principles, justice, and treats people equally. China’s diplomacy corresponds to the trend of world development and is widely welcomed by the international community, which has always been a decisive factor.

Third, China should rely on the help and support from our surrounding countries as well as the great majority of developing nations. China has 14 neighbors on land and eight across the sea. China owns 22,000 kilometer long land borderline and 18,000 kilometer long coastline. On one hand, this determines that China is one of the countries with the most complicated geopolitical environment. On the other hand we should see that if we keep good relationship with our neighboring countries, these countries can be of great support to us. Compared with other major powers, this is our unique advantage.

China is the largest developing country. Solidarity and cooperation with other developing countries is valuable asset and solid foundation for China’s diplomacy.

Besides, China needs to promote its soft power, enhance its affinity and charisma.

Therefore, becoming a world power depends on its comprehensive quality instead of any single factor. Our road to a stronger China will not be easy. There is a long way to go. As long as we go forward unswervingly along the right path, the Chinese dream will surely be achieved.

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