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Lantern Festival in eyes of foreigners

(People's Daily Online)

11:21, February 25, 2013

A foreign visitor makes rice balls in a park of Kunming, Yunnan.(People's Daily Overseas Edition/Qu Yunfei)

Please read: Foreigners in capital get a taste of Lantern Festival

Orly Sass (pseudonym) from Germany has visited China three times, and spent the Lantern Festival in Yangshuo county, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region for the first time in 2012. "I was deeply impressed by the folk performances in Yangshuo. The unique dragon dance can only be seen in China. Their costumes and music are interesting and impressive," he said.

Michael Axel (pseudonym) from Israel has lived in Guangxi for seven years, and is an expert on China. He is familiar with the Lantern Festival. "I will have dinner with my family, watch television, and enjoy the fireworks display over the Lijiang River. I think this is how most Chinese spend the Lantern Festival," he said.

Mike (pseudonym) from the United Kingdom speaks fluent Chinese; he spent the Lantern Festival in Sichuan province for the first time in 2012. "I ate dumplings and set off fireworks with the family of my friend during the Spring Festival. They were all very nice. The lively atmosphere during the Lantern Festival reminded me of Christmas celebrations in my country," he said.

The German consul general in Chengdu, whose Chinese name is Meng Duofu, likes the tradition of launching sky lanterns at the Lantern Festival. "When fireworks are set off, when red and pink sky lanterns fly to the sky slowly, when they flicker and become smaller and smaller, our wishes also fly to the sky," he said.

"I will read and memorize more riddles on lanterns during the Lantern Festival. Traditional Chinese culture is very appealing and interesting," said an Indian student who is learning Chinese in Beijing and looking forward to solving riddles on lanterns at the festival.

Babloo (pseudonym) from Africa spent the Lantern Festival at the Xixi National Wetland Park in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province for the first time in 2012. "China's Lantern Festival is livelier and more interesting than I thought. The dragon dance was my most exciting experience," he said.

Read the Chinese version:老外眼中的元宵节; People's Daily Overseas Edition.

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