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China weapons arrive to the Middle East attracting public concern

(People's Daily Online)

08:25, February 22, 2013

Key Words: weapons; defense ; Middle East; Abu Dhabi International Defense Exhibition; IDEX

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At the 11th Abu Dhabi International Defense Conference and Exhibition, many famous international military enterprises targeted the growing demand in the defense market in the Middle East and have brought the latest products and technologies to the exhibition.
High-performance products independently developed by Chinese military enterprises attract popular concern in the Middle East. Among these, the SR5 vehicle-mounted universal multi-barrel rocket launcher systems developed by China North Industries Corporation made its appearance in Abu Dhabi; the CS/VP3 type anti-mine anti-ambush vehicle recommended by Poly Technologies. Inc. has combined the world's leading anti-lightning and shield technology with advanced military vehicles chassis technology; China National Machinery Import and Export Corporation's latest self-developed product FD-2000 high-altitude long-range air defense missile system also made its first appearance at the exhibition. The FD-2000 system can perform the air defense missions even in the scenario of massive air strikes and serious electronic interference, not only being able to intercept aircrafts, armed helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles, but also being capable of effectively intercepting cruise missiles, precision-guided bombs and tactical ballistic missiles.

M1A2S main battle tank, a new product exhibited by American General Dynamics, was specially customized for Saudi Arabia and has a thermal control system specially designed to adapt to the extreme weather in Saudi Arabia.
German Rheinmetall launched the "mantis" air defense system which was developed for the Middle East market and put into production in 2011. The person in charge of the Abu Dhabi branch of the company said that "mantis" is one of the world's most advanced air defense systems today, and that "demand in the Middle East market for defensive military is the reason why we export to here".
The fire support chariot BMPT, by Russian Ural Motorcycle Plant, also made the first appearance in the Middle East market. This product provides a multi-channel automatic weapons system but also a all-round protection for the main battle tank.
The defense equipment development level of the host country, the United Arab Emirates, is also rising in recent years. UAE's largest defense industry manufacturer Tawazun exhibited three models of NIMR Series multifunction military vehicles, respectively for use of riot control, defense and troop carrier. It is the country's independently developed and manufactured defense invention.

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PD User at 2013-03-0296.231.130.*
China is showing the world that she is confidently capable of producing advanced hi-tech weaponries comparable with US, Russia and the European nations. China is offering third world countries and middle-east and African nations affordable advanced hi-tech weaponries which cost less without strings attached unlike the US and its allies.
Mohamed Al Hashimi at 2013-02-2382.145.209.*
China could produce new style of aircrafts with wide wings until the middle of aircraft head also black color for night attack (Enemy eyes) also powered by two hypersonic missiles with fuel engine to control the power of hypersonic missile.
wende at 2013-02-2298.109.105.*
I would suggest PD to change "public concern" to "public attention". Public concern would mean the public does not want to see Chinese weapons on sale. On the contrary, Chinese weapons should be the delight of all developing countries as Chinese weapons are priced cheaper and will not be a big burden on their budget.

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