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New products of Chinese military industry attract attention at Abu Dhabi Defense Exhibition

By An Jiang, Ma Xiping and Song Yu (China Military Online)

08:23, February 22, 2013

Chinese military companies are exhibiting many advanced weaponry and equipment systems, among them some make their debut for the first time in the Middle East region, at the ongoing 11th Abu Dhabi International Defense Exhibition (IDEX), attracting wide attention of participants and persons in the international military trade field.

The China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO), one of the companies with the largest exhibition area, mainly displays its two types of multi-barrel rocket launchers, namely SR5 and AR3, which are at international advanced level.

The SR5 and AR3 multi-barrel rocket launchers are designed based on the concept of integration, modularization, automation, information and intelligence, and feature high maneuverability, long range, fierce firepower, high precision, formidable force and wide range of application in battlefield, thus possessing very high tactical and battle value.

The NORINCO also exhibits its newly-developed CS/VA1 light firepower assault vehicle which is excellent in maneuvering performance and quick-strike capability and can be used for accompanying infantry detachments to carry out the missions including battlefield assault, reconnaissance, patrol, low-altitude-target strike and so on.

The Poly Group, a large enterprise specialized in the import and export of the defense systems, products and services for the three services, namely the ground force, the navy and the air force, launches several weapons and equipment at the international advanced level.

According to Dai Ning, assistant to general manager of the Poly Group, the product attracting most attention is the CS/VP3 anti-mine and anti-ambush (AMAA) vehicle which leads the world in anti-mine level, as evidenced by the facts that its bottom can withstand the explosion of an eight-kilogram anti-tank mine and its wheel edge can withstand the explosion of a sixteen-kilogram anti-tank mine. In addition, the AMAA vehicle is the first product that passed the STANAG 4569 3B standard for explosion test in China.

The Poly Group also displays its PFS artillery position surveillance radar with brand-new design. As a new-generation artillery-positioning radar, its main use is to detect enemy's artillery position and provide accurate target-location information for artillery strike.

The China National Precision Machinery Import and Export Corporation (CPMIEC), with aerospace defense, information technology and equipment manufacturing as its three main businesses, exhibits its five main systems, namely the integrated air-defense system, air-to-ground strike system, coastal defense system, unmanned combat system and the security and defense system.

The LY-80 medium-range air-defense-missile weapon system unit, launched by the China Aerospace Long-March International Trade Co., Ltd (ALIT), is capable of detecting a total of 144 targets more than 200 kilometers away and simultaneously attacking 12 targets among them. The FT-series precision-guided bombs, adopting the guidance mode of the combination of the satellite and inertial navigation as well as anti-radiation and infrared/TV terminal guidance, are new-generation air-to-ground precision strike weapons.

In addition, the ALIT also displays its Rainbow CH-series drones. The CH-4 drone can achieve all-time reconnaissance and adapt to the harsh environment at high altitude, low temperature and low air pressure.

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