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Have you been absent during your children's childhood?

(People's Daily Online)

08:04, February 26, 2013

A large number of Chinese people, including migrant workers, white-collar workers, diplomatic officials and etc, have failed to spend enough time with their children while pursuing their goals and dreaming about a future happy life.

Most Chinese have returned to work as the Spring Festival holiday ended several days ago. When they finish work late at night, their children are already sleeping. When they go to work early in the morning, their children are still sleeping. They have repeatedly broken promises to play with their children, and are often absent when their children need care. They have sometimes felt regret and frustration over it.

Children need both material and spiritual support when they are growing, and most of all parental care. Parents play an irreplaceable role in the development of their children. Fathers mainly play three roles in children’s development: an enlightener of wisdom, shaper of personality, and teacher of life principles. Research has found that the more time children spend with their fathers playing games or doing other things, the more likely they will have great wisdom. Mothers mainly play two roles: a shaper of habits and cultivator of emotional intelligence. Mothers’ care can increase the emotional intelligence of their children.

Children who have spent little time with their parents tend to be nervous, insecure, and have more negative than positive emotions. They may even suffer from emotional distress, personality disorders, or behavior problems.

It is a natural duty of parents to ensure that their children live a dignified and happy life. Vigorous pursuit of one’s career certainly deserves respect, but it is also a good choice to live a simple and happy life with one’s children. Time does not wait, so parents should remember that spending enough time with their children is more important than earning money. However busy they are, fathers should eat dinner and play with their children every day, and mothers should hug their children and tell them at least one story every day.

As society progresses, parents often spend enough money on their children, but ignore their spiritual needs. Children are immature and emotionally dependent on their parents, and will communicate better and be happier if they are caressed, talk with parents, and listen to stories every day. Soviet educator Vasily Aleksandrovich Sukhomlinsky once said, “Only children who receive enough care can have a happy and colorful spiritual life.” Parents should spend more time with their children, so they will grow happily and receive enough emotional support.

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