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Annoying and laughable 'hacker case'

(People's Daily Online)

16:13, February 25, 2013

Recently, Mandiant, a U.S. network security company released a report saying "China's military is involved in the hacker attacks". The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Defense have responded to the relevant slanders. The U.S. companies and media successively created "hacker cases" with "no factual basis". Their behavior is annoying and laughable.
It's laughable first because they are unprofessional. The conclusion "the attack source comes from China" is drawn merely based on the communication correlations of IP address. Is not that conclusion too naive? Second, U.S. media does not get tired of playing the same old tune. It is not difficult to find a sense of "deja vu" in their approach of hyping Chinese military network hackers. Two years ago, the United States referred to Shandong Lanxiang Vocational School as a "Chinese hacker camp" with military background, and listed an enterprise in Hebei Hengshui and a university in Henan Zhengzhou as "network militias", which all resulted a mere joke. Now they play the exact same game again and, out of nowhere, claim that a troop stationed in Shanghai is the headquarters of hackers of the People's Liberation Army. Regarding network attacks, China suffered a lot of harm. The United States does have no control over the attacks from its side. However, it constantly accuses China of attacking. It is not fair game.
Fourth, their behavior is laughable because of their irresponsibility. China-US relations are one of the most important bilateral relations in the world today. Strategic mutual trust between the two powers is very important to the maintenance of world peace and development. Chinese law forbids hacker attacks that undermine Internet security. Chinese government applies stringent regulations on using the Internet. Chinese army never supports any kind of network hacker activity. However, some U.S. companies and media, for a variety of purposes, deliberately created and spread the "China hacker threat theory" which is undoubtedly destructive to the overall situation of China-US relations and extremely irresponsible.
A U.S. company published a report saying China's official has paid enough "due respect" by coming forward with a response. Indeed, there is no need to say anything to such ridiculous unprofessional hype. But because they are being too mean and irresponsible, we must laugh at any false accusation and set things straight.

Read the Chinese version at: 可气又可笑的“黑客门”; Source:People's Daily Overseas Edition; Author: Meng Yan and Zhou Yong

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