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Suspected arsonist arrested in E China fire


09:59, February 25, 2013

HANGZHOU, Feb. 24 (Xinhua) -- Police in east China's Zhejiang Province have arrested a suspect who allegedly set fire to a residential house, killing eight and injuring 17 others, local police said Sunday.

An initial investigation found that the fire was arson.

Lin Binwei, 26, a local of Zeguo Township of Wenling City, had been arrested, the Wenling public security bureau said at a press conference.

Hu Zhengfu, bureau deputy director, expressed condolences to the victims.

The fire broke out early Saturday morning, killing eight people. Among the deceased were two children. Four of the deceased adults were migrant workers from southwest China's Sichuan Province. One person was from eastern Anhui Province and another was a local.

The three houses were rented out for office use and accommodation by two shopkeepers of an online store, which sold women's shoes.

One of the shopkeepers, Xu, along with his wife, parents and two children died in the fire.

Hu said the suspect admitted he had a personal conflict with the other shopkeeper, who is surnamed Liu, and once said he would take out revenge on Liu.

Investigators said video records showed that Lin's van was near the scene of the fire, and he drove to the building where Liu also lives and set fire to the goods on the first floor. The fire engulfed the three houses.

Liu was rescued by fire fighters and is among the injured.

A further investigation in the case is under way.

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